[{"Name":"INFANTS 2 MONTHS THROUGH 5 MONTHS OF AGE","Id":13,"BrandName":"Bexsero"},{"Name":"UNVACCINATED AND AGED 6 MONTHS THROUGH 11 MONTHS OF AGE","Id":14,"BrandName":"Bexsero"},{"Name":"CHILDREN* AGED 12 MONTHS THROUGH 10 YEARS OF AGE","Id":15,"BrandName":"Bexsero"},{"Name":"INDIVIDUALS AGED 11 YEARS THROUGH 25 YEARS OF AGE","Id":16,"BrandName":"Bexsero"}]

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If you’re uncertain about or have forgotten your child’s prescribed BEXSERO vaccination schedule, talk to your healthcare professional before registering.

You can also use our program to get BEXSERO reminders for your child and/or other family members.

For long-term protection, all scheduled doses must be received.

* The 12 months through 10 years of age population includes unvaccinated children aged 12 months through 23 months.

Thank you for signing up to receive a reminder when your child is due to receive their next BEXSERO dose! You will receive an email shortly confirming your registration.

Thank you for signing up to receive a reminder when your child is due to receive their next BEXSERO dose! You will be sent a confirmation text message. You must reply with YES to the text to confirm your enrolment.

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