Get your child vaccinated against Meningitis B. Here's how:

  1. Talk to your child’s doctor about vaccinating with BEXSERO
  2. Schedule an appointment for your child’s first dose
  3. If you have your child’s immunization booklet, bring it and the BEXSERO schedule that can be found in the brochure to each appointment to keep them up to date
  4. Ask your healthcare professional to write down the date and time of the first dose in the BEXSERO schedule and in your child’s immunization booklet
  5. Make an appointment for the next dose (click here to see the vaccination schedule by age group for BEXSERO)
  6. Sign up for dose reminders to ensure that your child gets all of their doses of BEXSERO

Download the BEXSERO brochure to learn more

BEXSERO & meninigitis B brochure

Don’t Forget!

If your child has a standard immunization card, bring it and the BEXSERO vaccination schedule to each appointment to keep them up-to-date.